Artists statement:


The independent Art collective Wocial-Tuszyńska creates large-format sculptures, objects, installations, set designs, drawings and videos.

Artists in their work collide two aesthetics: camp and hyperrealism and as a result created artworks are combination of seemingly contradictory qualities - they are as realistic, as well as unreal. Wocial & Tuszyńska create works on the border of fairy tales for adults, at the same time being commentary on the present.

During the process of artistic creation artists go beyond the area of usual objectiveness. They create objects from meaningless, nameless things which do not evoke emotions and by giving them form they gain new meaning and are transformed into pieces of art. Giving them form and meaning changes their ontological status and at last the way of interpretation.


As a result of the creative process of Wocial-Tuszyńska semantization – desemantization – resemantization of an object and the specific recycling of meaning occur: objects, which should mean nothing start to mean something and eventually they start to evoke emotions in the viewers and involve them in a situation of attachment.



Drawings – all mixed media.

Sculpture/installation – any technique.

All traditional sculpture methods and techniques: bronze and aluminum casting, stone,; new technologies: resin (polyester, acrylic, epoxy) casting and laminating, silicones, perspex.


The most unique in Wocial-Tuszyńska’s artistic process is the fact that artists use the most astonishing available materials to get new technology for a specific work and they invent their own original recipes, for example: wax and wax-like mixtures to create skin, as in the case of The Hummingbird sculpture or organic materials (beef intestines and leftovers after filleting the fish) dissected to create a video in a form prepared to such an extent that its meaning is removed (LOOP #3).


© by Pawel Wocial 2016


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